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Parent/Guardian Details
Application Essay (250 - 500 words)

Application Essay:

You are required to submit (250 - 500 words) essay answering the questions below with your application:

(a). How will your qualification/expected degree benefit society?

(b). Discuss in your essay any social and/or economic challenges or obstacles you have dealt with and overcome in life.

(d). Describe how this experience in (b) will help you succeed in tertiary institution and beyond.

Checklist of Documents to Send after completing this form

1. Application Form

2. Essay (if not submitted with this form)

3. School Certificate

4. School Transcripts

5. University Admission Letter

6. Evidence of Indigent Background e.g. government or court affidavit document stating parents not working, household income, or loss of parents, etc.

7. Attestation Letter i.e. letter by a religious leader or lawyer confirming the information stated in this form.


REMINDER: The deadline for this application to be received is latest August of each year.